Health Insurance

Which health insurance plan should you choose? So many options and so much complexity! Deductibles? Embedded deductibles? This tool endeavors to make it a bit easier to examine which plans make the most sense for your particular situation.


Tax rate: %
Why? Premiums and HSA contributions are tax-deductible. Tax brackets and rates for 2020 at the Tax Foundation.

HSA Yearly Contributions: $
For 2020, the maximum contribution is 3550 for individuals and 7100 for families.


These are a subset of the Amazon plans listed on the Amazon benefits website. Absent are the HMO and in-network-only plan options, as it is unclear how to more broadly estimate expenses in those plans.
NamePremiumCoinsuranceIndividual DeductibleFamily DeductibleIndividual OOP MaxFamily OOP MaxCompany CreditsHSA Contributions
Standard Solo840.130090023004900
HSA Solo310.115001500300030005005000
HRA Solo310.11000100020002000500
Standard Spouse3000.130090023004900
HSA Spouse2080.1300030003000600010005000
Standard Family4420.130090023004900
HSA Family3460.1450045004500900015005000
HRA Spouse3120.120002000400040001000
HRA Family5190.130003000600060001500

Healthcare Expenses

Scenario #1
Solo $200

Scenario #2
Husband $4000
Wife $10000

Scenario #3
Husband $4000
Wife $10000
Child $3000

Add a Scenario

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Expenses 1: $
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Scenario #1

NamePremiumsCare CostsSubtotalCreditsTax SavingsTotal
Standard Solo$1008$200$1208$0$252$956
HSA Solo$372$200$572$500$1343$-1271
HRA Solo$372$200$572$500$93$-21

Scenario #2

NamePremiumsCare CostsSubtotalCreditsTax SavingsTotal
Standard Spouse$3600$2210$5810$0$900$4910
HSA Spouse$2496$4000$6496$1000$1874$3622
HRA Spouse$3744$3200$6944$1000$936$5008

Scenario #3

NamePremiumsCare CostsSubtotalCreditsTax SavingsTotal
Standard Family$5304$2510$7814$0$1326$6488
HSA Family$4152$5750$9902$1500$2288$6114
HRA Family$6228$4400$10628$1500$1557$7571