My name's David Bettis, and I'm a software developer in the Pacific Northwest.

Side Projects

Health Insurance Analyzer

If you're so lucky to work for a company that provides healthcare, sometimes they provide different options. At Amazon, there are five different options, all with a dizzying array of parameters, which makes it somewhat opaque knowing which plan is the best for your situation. I wrote a health insurance analyzer tool that tries to illuminate the assumptions and calculate the cost, depending on how much you plan to spend on care in a given year. Written in React. Source for the project can be found on Github.

Daily Office

The Daily Office is an historic Christian devotional. This web site guides you through a set of scripture readings and liturgical prayers, according to the Anglican (ACNA) tradition. The frontend is in React; the backed in Python and the source for the project can be found on Github.

Asset Allocation

In the late 2000s, companies like Betterment and Wealthfront became popular, which charge a percentage of your assets to manage your investments. As you save more, do these companies really provide additional value? I don't think so. This is a free Asset Allocation Spreadsheet to keep your asset allocations in check. It pulls real-time stock quotes and gives directions on how much to buy/sell. To use it, click on the link above and select "File -> Make a Copy".